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You Can Drink Liquid Egg Whites

by Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid egg whites

liquid egg whites small1 You Can Drink Liquid Egg Whites

Drink Liquid Egg Whites

Dieters, bodybuilders and athletes have long understood the benefits that come when you drink liquid egg whites. They know that egg whites are an important source of healthy protein that is capable of enhancing the functions of the body. But, they also know that regular raw egg whites are not always safe to digest and may contain bacteria that can cause serious illness. Besides that, the human body is not 100 percent able to ingest and drink egg whites and therefore cannot make full use of the protein and vitamins. But, there was little they could do because there were no alternatives to drinking raw egg whites. That is, until Liquid egg whites came along.


The Pasteurization Process of Liquid Egg Whites

Liquid egg whites are processed through a special pasteurization that ensures they don’t contain salmonella, a bacteria that can cause illness and even death. This same process also allows the eggs to be completely digested by undoing the effects of Avidin, which exists in eggs and stops the body from absorbing all the nutrients the egg whites have to offer. The special pasteurization process has to be watched closely. If the process is done too little, the Liquid egg whites may still contain salmonella and active Avidin. If the process is done too long, the protein and nutrients in the eggs will be broken down and less helpful for the body.

Advantages of Liquid Egg Whites

The biggest advantage to using liquid egg whites is how easy it is to mix into just about any foods. Most athletes and bodybuilders are looking for a quick boost of protein, before and after a workout. Sometimes in order to get the needed amount of protein they must consume cups of protein rich meat or dozens of eggs at one time. This makes for a heavy breakfast or dinner. To drink liquid egg whites you can mix them into shakes, juices, milks or your own home-brew concoction to add a powerful burst of protein. In fact, when you drink liquid egg whites your stomach feels full, but not stuffed, and able to head on to your workout feeling great.

Whatever your protein needs, it’s important to understand the correct ways to go about getting the nutrition your body needs to grow and stay fit. With all the urban legends and myths about dieting you must take the time to understand how you treat your body. You can drink liquid egg whites as a safe and effective solution to creating a protein packed shake that will do your body and your workout good. You can find more benefits and various uses of liquid egg whites at liquideggwhites.org/blog.

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